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For over a hundred years the Club has served the needs of motorsport enthusiasts in Bristol and the South West of England, and this website is an essential source of information on our activities, for members and non-members alike.

As this is an events-oriented club, the website revolves around the Events Calendar section. There you can access month-by-month Information, with Regs and Entry Forms to enable you to take part in our events and others to which we are invited, and the results after they've happened.

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Vincenzo & Sons Bristol MX5 Challenge
A cost-effective club championship on sprints, hills and autosolos for normally aspirated MX5 and Eunos models. Click for details.
Bristol Two Litre Cup
A club championship on hills and sprints for normally aspirated two litre road cars. Click for details.
Bristol Speed Championship
A club championship on hills and sprints for any car based on class index. Click for details.
All-Rounders Championship
A championship for non-competing members and competitors alike. Click for details.


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About Us

If you like motorsport, live in the Bristol area and would like to know more about getting involved as a competitor, marshal, organiser or spectator then join Bristol Motor Club and open the door to a superb bunch of friendly enthusiasts much like you. Bristol Motor Club celebrated its centenary in 2011 and continues to flourish thanks to the efforts of both new and experienced members. We also meet regularly socially and to run a range of motorsport events throughout the year. More information about us on this page...